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What is Ketamine?

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a newly approved medication given in very small doses for the off label treatment of Treatment Resistant Depression. It has been used since the 1960s as an anesthetic at a much higher dose in the battlefield, and currently in the ER and in pediatrics since it is so safe. It raises heartrate and blood pressure versus depressing it like other anesthesia. It is NOT addictive as it is given in such small doses.

What Does Ketamine Feel like?

It produces a floating, dissociative effect or even a full on Mystical Experience depending on the person, the dose and the method of administration.

Does Ketamine Work?

At my clinic, we have treated hundreds with Ketamine since 2020, and while the research says that the method we use, IV bolus, is about 37% effective, what clients report anecdotally is that it can be life changing for many of them. One gentleman who experienced 17 years of almost debilitating depression has said that he is almost unrecognizable to himself he is so free of symptoms.

Can I just do the Ketamine treatment without Therapy?

You can and some do, but the research shows that it is not as effective or impactful without the therapy. In some trials, when coupled with Ketamine Assisted Therapy, the effect was DOUBLED- meaning that clients went without depressive symptoms for one year versus 6 months when they had Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT).

What is Ketamine Assisted Therapy?

Actually, it is really a lot like “regular” talk therapy, but what you may find is that you have access to more emotions, more memories float to the surface and connections that you haven’t made before come easily. Emotional memories and material arises after the dose is administered. Your KAT therapist is there to support you and guide you through the process having met with you, knowing your challenges and issues and can expertly partner with you as you have this unique experience.

Can a therapist prescribe Ketamine to me?

Psychotherapists cannot prescribe controlled substances. You will need to meet with a medical provider, preferably an expert Psychiatric provider specially trained in Ketamine, who will see if you meet criteria for receiving the prescription. They will also rule out any medical issues you have that might prevent you from safely using it.

What if I just want to see what Ketamine feels like?

Only people with a particular mental health diagnoses can be qualify to be prescribed a controlled substance, so you will not be able to just try it or have the unusual experience out of curiosity.

Is it just one session?

No, it is actually a full series of therapy experiences that you will undergo if you choose to have Ketamine Assisted Therapy. It is an investment of time and energy and can be incredibly fruitful for you.

How I offer Ketamine Assisted Therapy:

Meet with me to assess if a good fit psychologically (1 hour)

Meet with a Psychiatric ARNP I collaborate with to determine if it is appropriate prescription for you (1 -1.5 hours)

If so, meet with me for 4 Preparatory sessions for us to explore your history and what you want to work on ( 1 hour each)

Ketamine Assisted Therapy lozenge Session (3 hours)

2 Follow up Integration Sessions, one scheduled close to the KAT session and one 2 weeks out. (1 hour each)

Total Hours- 11 Therapeutic hours

Contact me here if you are local and would like to set up an appointment to start your journey.