A Group for Therapists

April 22- June 3, 2024

Psychedelic Integration and Process Group for Therapists

Do you have your own Psychedelic experiences that have helped you gain insight into not just your personal life, but naturally also your clients’ inner workings and struggles?

This is the place to discuss our rich and surprising experiences with Psychedelics in an environment with other professionals who also counsel clients. It can be a challenge to know how much to share with clients ethically and also how much not to share so that they can have their unique experiences without expectation.

Profound spiritual transformation can be a powerful influence on our clinical work, and there is a lack of places to talk about these experiences openly and with others who have felt the same process working on them. This is the place to talk about how the journeys we have taken continue to work on us, and impact the people we love and also the people we work with.

We will discuss topics related to our own transformation and insights, as well as help each other navigate the interesting dynamics that arise when both counselor and client are on a Psychedelic path, exploring deeper states of consciousness.

Kairos- the moment of Insight.

$320 Investment

3rd Monday of the Month, 9-11am In person

at Empowered Center Event Space

315 Lakeway Dr, Bellingham, WA 98225

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