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Ordinary Magic

Ordinary Magic

Weekly Meditation Series 2023

THURSDAYS 11:30am-12pm PST

Have you always wanted to start meditation practice, but just couldn’t keep it up regularly? Have you started a few times but lost steam?

This FREE meditation group is as much for me as it is for you.

I have a hard time sitting daily these past few years, and I need the support of a group to make me …just..sit…down.

This is NO BIG DEAL meditation. It is anti-woo and very simple- and yet the amount of benefit from just sitting with our minds for a half an hour…well- it is magic.

Ordinary Magic.

…because we have this at our fingertips at every moment- the chance to just wake up and to remember our natural sanity.

I will livestream this as well as hold it in person.

THURSDAYS 2023 11:30am-12pm


Location- My Instagram account @thepsychedeliccounselor



315 Lakeway Dr, Bellingham, WA 98225