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About Me

About Me

…..through thoughtful therapeutic preparation you will begin to feel confident in this way of looking at the world and yourself. Then before you know it, it becomes your wild talent, reclaimed as a new way of being.

I have been a psychotherapist for almost two decades, and have loved every minute of it. My background in dance and meditation informs all that I do in my work with clients and clinicians every day. I also had the absolutely weird and wonderful good fortune of visiting Mexico in my 20s with Terence McKenna, Jonathan Ott and Ralph Metzner, and participating in a study of ethnobotany, psychoactive plant compounds and ritual in the Mayan temple at Palenque. This experience propelled my insatiable desire to learn and experience all I could about consciousness. I dove into Tibetan studies and meditation for the next 20 years with fervor and commitment. (My Southern and baffled family was sure I had been taken by the Moonies I did so many meditation weekends and retreats.) Who knew that that young and idealistic laser focus on meditation and Buddhist philosophy would lay the groundwork for all that I do now both with clients and therapists in training?

The most potent skill I want to offer to you is the ability to both witness and experience fully whatever is arising within you with kindness and curiosity. Holding this paradox gently appears to be the way to move through difficulty with softness and be open to the wisdom of the challenge. We can allow ourselves be transformed by looking into these difficult places directly, and yet our world conspires to keep our eyes averted. It takes a brave spirit to look inward, and through therapeutic preparation you will begin to feel confident in this way of looking at the world and yourself. Then before you know it, it becomes your wild talent, reclaimed as a new way of being.

Our work together will go at your pace, as this is your unfolding. I will partner with you to find your deeper sense of meaning and to also uncover and delight in humor with whatever is happening in your life. You will simply find you have more capacity for it all. You will surprise yourself. I know- I have seen in in thousands and thousands of hours working with clients over the years.

In our work with the psychedelic medicine Ketamine, we will meet together to get a good idea of the map of experience you have made for yourself. I will help you prepare for the wisdom of this unique form of therapy and help you clarify your hopes and expectations. Then in the medicine sessions, I will guide you with kindness and curiosity, helping take you deeper into your own wisdom and natural connections the medicine guides you to. After the medicine sessions, I will help you integrate your experiences and make sense of them in your day to day life. You will come back to your life with new insights and awareness, and putting them into action takes skill and courage. I and my team have offered this form of psychotherapy since 2020 and have found that it can be a profound and deeply healing process that lasts when partnered with ongoing therapy.

Click here to find out about my Ketamine in office sessions, the Ketamine Group Retreats and Individual Immersion retreats for deeper dives into the discoveries waiting for you through psychedelic medicine.

Consulting and Supervision

Let’s be real-not everyone is suited to the work of Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy. It takes a particular human and that human needs guidance, collaboration and wisdom from a very particular tribe.

I have an enormous passion to help clinicians deepen and hone clinical skills using the Contemplative Psychotherapy approach, and have learned so much by leading my business King Health Associates as it has evolved over the past six years. I have interviewed, hired, managed and also clinically supervised clinicians at all stages of their careers and have learned so much about what we struggle with as therapists and what motivates us, and also inspires our work with clients.

Therapy is nuanced. It takes a mind that is able to hang out in the gray areas with clients, and we do not necessary learn or easily acquire that essential skill within our education or even specialized training. As a Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist, this is crucial for a successful session (and also part of the fun). From my extensive background with meditation and Buddhist studies and then more recently, intensive studies with both MAPS MDMA Assisted Therapy and the MAPS Psychedelic Assisted Therapy as a trainee, I have a strong grasp of the principles that guide the therapeutic process in the clinical trials. There is a reason that CP is the basis of the work with PAT, and I love to teach and support other clinicians in deepening their understanding of this incredible transformative and heartfelt approach I have been practicing for years.

Click here to find out about The PsyNaut Circle, a rich year-long conversation with other Psychedelic Practitioners in the field just like you happening in 2023.

The Business of Psychedelic Practice

Transformational Compassion and Business Wisdom

The qualities that make us great therapists and guides do not necessarily make us great business people. Yet the very qualities that draw us to Psychedelic Therapy in particular make us great candidates for Business Courage. We are risk takers, mavericks in our field, and see the potential clearly even if the path is not laid out for us. We will make the path.

I love partnering the clinical with the practice of therapy. Business and legality are a fascinating and endless puzzle to figure out and to marry wisely with the ethics and standards of our profession.

I will use my wealth of experiences (both good and bad!) of starting and running an integrative clinic offering Psychiatry and Counseling as well as a Ketamine clinic offering KAP. I am infinitely motivated to help you find the courage to add Psychedelic Medicine to your practice, and help you lay the groundwork for starting to offer it thoughtfully and yet quickly. I do this by discovering your motivations, gazing a kind light with you into your blind spots and challenges, and helping you craft a map towards your goals of being a Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist. I will offer you resources, guides, templates and worksheets if that is your thing, as well, and help you make the foundational decisions it takes to move forward in this professional side of the work with confidence and ease.

Click here to find out details about my Launch Sessions and how they may help propel you into the next phase of your career.

This is the bright home
in which I live,
this is where

I ask
my friends
to come,
s is where I want
to love all the things
it has taken me so long
to learn to love.

David Whyte, The House of Belonging